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April is National Trager Month

For the entire month of April we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Milton Trager with the 106th anniversary of Dr. Trager's birth on April 20.

As Trager® Practitioners, clients, and friends, we all celebrate Dr. Trager’s life and work in our profession and in our lives. This year let’s bring that celebration more to consciousness and share with the world!

What could we create if we all commit to spending 106 minutes per month spreading the word, spreading the feeling of The Trager Approach?FAP2

● lead three 35 minute Mentastics® classes at a Senior Center

● volunteer a to give a taste of Trager at a Health Fair­­—aim for 106 people on your table!

● let your speaker’s bureau know you’ll give a dynamic 106 minute demo and talk about Trager (maybe with a nearby Trager colleague)

● set up your table at a street fair, farmer’s market, or block party with the goal of giving 106 people a taste of Trager

● write a short (106 words!) description of your Trager practice; then write a new one every month all year long so you’ll have 12 great descriptions at your fingertips

● send out 106 Target Market Brochures to different groups in your area and volunteer to give them a demo

● write a note describing your Trager practice and invite local reporters (one at a time) to have a session and write about their experience

● volunteer to visit the local library, shelter, blood bank, fire hall, hospice nurses/volunteers or any other place where underappreciated people work hard and give them 106 minutes of lasting appreciation

● reread Moving Medicine and Movement as a Way to Agelessness, post quotes from both books around your office and home

● during the year can you reach out to 106 colleagues—call a Trager colleague both nearby and far away; surprise someone you took a class with years ago....catch up

● have you been thinking about contributing to a group, a project, a long­term goal and just haven’t yet? Give 106 minutes during the year. If you can, give 106 minutes each month. If you’re really dedicated, try 10.6 hours per month or 106 minutes per week. If the gift of money is more practical, then try $1.06, $10.60, $106.00, $1060.00 to the United States Foundation for Trager Education and Research (clicking this link takes you to the US Trager Association website).

Let’s start our sharing here in the Mid-Atlantic Trager Association and let it spread around the world. We've posted this list on our website and will be adding to it, creating a continually evolving resource (email your additions, suggestions, and inspirations). We can give each other feedback about what worked, what could be easier, more delicious.....We could get together in groups of 2 or 3 to create some of these events—it’s more fun with colleagues!

We can all celebrate Dr. Trager with pleasure and ease in who we are and what we do all year long. Happy Birthday, Milton!


Gentle touch


Rhythmic movement


Deeply effective, no pain


Easy & effortless movement


Easier mobility


Profound physical and mental relaxation