What's a Trager Session Like?

With Trager......you'll feel gentle, rhythmic movement and touch.

You'll experience deep relaxation and the feeling of moving effortlessly and freely on your own.

You'll enjoy easier and more free physical mobility. 

You'll learn to actively explore the comfortable, free movement of Mentastics.

With each Trager session, you will learn

a new way of relaxation...

free and easy movement...

stable2a path to release chronic tension even at the core...

gentle movement...

a way of easing your body while at your desk, driving, or even walking...

simple, effortless, playful movements that help your body move in the most natural and easy way...



Wear comfortable clothing for your session, which has two parts: tablework and Mentastics.


You'll recline, comfortably clothed, on a resilient padded table. The practitioner will move your body with a quality of touch and movement that allows you to experience the feeling of moving effortlessly and freely on your  


TragerMATA8009Mentastics are simple, effortless, playful movements that you can use to ease pain and discomfort. Each motion of the Mentastics allows you to re-experience the freedom and pleasure of the motions you experienced during the tablework....and also allows you to explore and discover increased ease of motion on your own.


smentastics2Simple, active, self-induced movements that you can do on your own, during your daily activities are called Mentastics.

During Mentastics, the Trager practitioner can...

  • model movements for the client to mirror...
  • give verbal or touch-related directions for the client to follow...
  • make gentle suggestions of easier, more effective movement...
  • suggest motion that recalls the feeling of effortless motion.

Mentastics are simple movements that you can do on your own, during your daily activities. During each session your Trager practitioner will introduce specific Mentastics to reinforce the movement and sensation you experienced during the Trager tablework.

This quality of effortless movement is maintained and reinforced by simple, active, self-induced movements that you can do on your own, during your daily activities—called Mentastics. They have the same intent as the table work in terms of releasing deep-seated patterns.

Your practitioner can lead you in Mentastics movements that affirm and continue the freedom of movement you felt during the tablework.

Mentastics®= Mental + gymnasticsTragerMATA8009

Dr. Milton Trager coined this term for the gentle, free motions that allow the brain to feel the body more freely & allow body movements to exercise the brain.

Mentastics are movements that allow the client to continue and extend the work begun during the session and on the table.

"What is half as much effort?"

"What is 1/10th as much effort?"

Anna Marie Bowers, a long-time Trager Practitioner, speaks candidly about The Trager Approach and does a small demonstration.

Benefits of a Trager Session

    Because many of the effects of The Trager Approach are cumulative, clients most often appreciate and will benefit most from a series of sessions. rotator10During a Trager session, you, the client will
    experience gentle, non-intrusive, natural movements to support the release of deep-seated physical and mental patterns,
    facilitate deep relaxation,
    increase physical mobility,
    foster mental clarity, and
    experience increasingly free and easy movement.