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The Mid-Atlantic Trager Association (MATA) is an organization serving as a vehicle in fostering a deeper connection among the Trager Community within the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our goals are to:

  • Lend support to local Trager practitioners in promoting a successful practice
  • To inspire each other as well as students pursuing the Trager training track
  • To expand awareness of the Trager principles to the general public through promotion, marketing and education
  • To provide quality time for trades and discussions of client issues, and case studies
  • We hold forth a commitment to consciously conduct all MATA business in a manner which is consistent with Trager Principles
  • In alignment with Dr. Trager's highest aspirations, we seek to deepen our connection with the medical and general community and to continue to develop and increase the effectiveness of our service to the community and to humanity as a whole.

The Website Policy of the Mid-Atlantic Trager Association spells out what content can appear on this website.

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Members of the Mid-Atlantic Trager Association have access to resources on this website. To access the resources, you'll need your ID and your password.

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All MATA members receive an ID and password by email with reminders sent out about twice a year. New members receive their ID and password shortly after they join.

Do you need a reminder of your ID and password? Just Email our MATA Website Administrator Joyce at

To sign into the website, just enter your ID and password into the login box at the bottom of the Home page:

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The USTA members only website ( uses a separate ID and password. You can get a reminder of your USTA ID and password by using the form on the LogIn page of the website or by emailing Kim at the USTA office:

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The Trager International website ( ) also has its own password. You can find that password in a recent issue of TragerMATAs, or email Joyce or Kim for a reminder.